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How I went from overworked underpaid yoga teacher, to helping thousands of students and being voted a top Yoga Teacher.

Before there were the accolades of being voted a top notch yoga teacher. Before the packed classes. Before the full bank account and getting paid for what I was worth .. there was a overworked corporate trainer and a very tired mom who just was not enjoying life's journey as I should.

Yoga Teacher training changed it all

After I completed yoga teacher training, it wasn't a smooth ride into teaching yoga. While I had been practicing the craft for years, getting up and teaching it was a completely different ball game. Getting a job teaching while being new was a challenge, and once I did get a teaching job, there were no students! I did have little successes along the way and I knew in my heart, that I wanted to share the beauty of yoga with the world, but there had to be an easier way.

My aha moment! Yoga Teacher Success Academy is born

One day the answer came to me in a sudden intuitive way. I had so much success in the business world, why don't I apply all I've learned to my yoga teachings. Step by step I found ways to address public speaking jitters, bringing in students to classes, class themes that people loved, marketing myself like I practiced in my past corporate world. This yoga teacher teaching structure or blueprint worked! I call it the Yoga Teacher Success Academy and it has helped not only me, but many of my successful students today.

Join Us Now!

My story is probably the same story many people have experienced or that you've heard before. I am no different than you! But what I do have, that I want to share with you, is the yoga teacher success strategy that I have figured out to help you feel CONFIDENT teaching public classes, EARN your financial potential and, most of all, help you with bringing YOUR UNIQUE GIFTS to the world. Let me show you!! 


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