Yoga Teacher Success Academy

Yoga Teacher Success Academy

So you've finished your yoga teacher training! Congratulations! Now you want to help the world and share your yoga, but where to start? Public speaking can be SCARY, in fact it's a number one fear! Studios and gyms are closing and there are less places to teach, but more and more yoga teachers coming out of training. What to do? LET US HELP YOU FIND YOUR SUCCESS THAT'S ALREADY IN YOU! With Yoga Teacher Success Academy, you will find YOUR special and unique skills to teach with rockstar confidence in leading IN PERSON and ONLINE classes. You will discover, the many ways to EARN INCOME from places you would have never thought of. You will teach with confidence, earn your potential and help the world while doing it. The world needs YOU right now and it's your time to shine as a inspirational teacher!





Be a successful yoga teacher now!

'There is no doubt that the foundation of being a great yoga teacher is being a great yoga student' - Rod Stryker

"Renee's class is extremely invigorating and healing! She has a unique way articulating how these healing classes help and enhance your mind and body. Highly recommend Renee!"


"I really enjoy Renee! The time she puts into planning every class to have different effects on her students shows her dedication to helping humanity. She is a great instructor and I can not put into words how much she has helped me in my journey of life."

City of Seattle

"Every time I take a class with Renee I feel peaceful, more balanced and more joyful. I am honored to be her student."

Swedish Medical

"Renee is a great teacher, she has the uncanny ability to work with all levels in her classes, bringing everyone a piece of her talent. She has a technical eye, a spiritual approach, an ability to get you to find your edge and a compassionate heart. If you haven't yet taken her classes you are missing out on one of Seattles best teachers. I am just so inspired after her classes. Thank you Renee!"

Intuitive Astrologer

"Renee is such an inspiration. I am grateful for all she has taught and shared with me from the physical to the mental clarity. Hoping she has more workshops and classes!!"

Fox News

"Renee's class is uniquely energizing and soothing. Her class invigorates my creativity, helping me focus on my work. She employs a combination of yoga, mindfulness, meditation and energy healing. Her teachings seem deceptively simple and good for beginners. It becomes clear however, that what seems like simplicity is really a knowledgable combination of teaching skills and healing. Renee's classes are an essential part of my work week. "

Cisco Systems

Renee Meena is a corporate trainer turned yoga and meditation teacher. Voted the "Yoga Teacher Gem of the Seattle area', Renee has applied her years of business success to her thriving yoga business and now brings the training to yoga teachers with Yoga Teacher Success Academy. Her mission is to teach yoga teachers the tools to create a life of prosperity, confidence and success. 

FREE Yoga Teacher Toolkit

Get started today with these simple free lessons to build your teaching tool kit

Build Your Email List

Your email list is how you will stay in touch with your students! You don't own social media and it can be gone in an instant. Learn how to gather emails and to build your email list.


Build Email List

Learn To Teach On Zoom

With yoga business closures, and many students taking digital classes, it's important to know how to teach online. Learn the basics to teach a seamless class on Zoom. Be your own boss and teach online!


Learn Zoom

Teach Meditation

Students are savvy and know that they need more that just a class of poses. Learn to teach another limb of the Eight Limbs of Yoga to help your students evolve in their practice!


Teach Meditation

Guided Meditations With Renee


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